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What is this?

Once a week I send a quiz to the mailing list, you have fun solving the quiz. If you want to you can send your solutions back to the list and compare it to other people's solutions. Easy isn't it?

cl-quiz is very similar to Perl Quiz of the Week or Ruby Quiz.

How does it work?

First you'll need to subscribe to the list, that's where all quiz related discussion happens.

The quizzes are sent out once a week, generally friday or saturday. For 48 hours after I've posted the quiz I'd appreciate it you only send comments or questions on the quiz itself, no solutions. After the 48 hours are up eddie murphy takes the money and runs ... sorry, wrong FAQ ... After the 48 hours are up you can start sending your solutions to the list, please put [SPOILER] in the subject.

A week after the quiz has been sent I'll post a summary of the various solutions. If you want your solution to be included note that I'll try to run it on OpenMCL or SBCL on MacOS X/PPC.

What about external libraries?

Third-party libraries are just fine, obviously it'd be nice if these libraries were available so that others can try out the various solutions.

What about the Copyright?

All code sent to the list should include a copyright note. If you send code to the list you're implicitly allowing me to republish it for the purposes of the quiz (this just means I can cut'n paste your code in the summary and archives).

I've got a great idea for a quiz. Interested?

Yes, send me an e-mail. Please put QUIZ or something in the subject so that it stands out from all the other e-mails.

You keep saying "I", who are you?

Marco Baringer